3 Reasons Why the Maruti Suzuki HEARTECT Platform is engineered for Indian Car Buyers

Offering higher rigidity and safety along with better driving dynamics, Maruti Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform underpins a number of car models within Maruti Suzuki’s lineup

The rising number of cars on the road today has highlighted the need for improved road safety and safer cars across the globe. As the largest carmaker in India, Maruti Suzuki has taken up the mantle to manufacture cars where occupant safety is well taken care of. To achieve this goal, Maruti Suzuki has built the HEARTECT platform that focuses on two of the most important aspects for the Indian car buyers – safety and efficiency.

Here’s what Maruti Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform has to offer:

Improved Safety Through Intelligent Design

The HEARTECT platform uses a smooth and continuous frame design. This flowing frame is better at dispersing impact energy to reduce the impact passed on to occupants, thereby protecting them in the process. The crumple zones are carefully designed to deform upon collision and, in turn, absorb the crash force to reduce the impact and to further improve the safety of the passengers.

Better Driving Dynamics

With better power to weight ratio and improved body stiffness, Maruti Suzuki cars built on HEARTECT platform have better ride and handling that enhances the driving experience.

The HEARTECT platform is not only safer, but is also engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness levels. This characteristic enhances the in-cabin experience of all models underpinned by the HEARTECT platform.

Higher Rigidity and Strength

Maruti Suzuki uses Ultra and Advanced High Tensile Steel (UHSS & AHSS) to achieve higher rigidity and strength in the HEARTECT platform. The use of these advanced materials, in combination with the flowing design, improves occupant safety in case of an impact. At the same time, the rigidity of this platform allows for improved handling characteristics in the city and on highways while also ensuring better fuel efficiency.

Final Takeaway

The HEARTECT platform has been developed keeping in mind improved occupant safety and increased structural rigidity with the use of advanced materials. This platform also allows for a quieter cabin experience. The fact that the HEARTECT platform is available in several cars within Maruti Suzuki’s line-up makes it accessible for car-buyers in different segments, ensuring that safety isn’t compromised on.

Maruti Suzuki has built the HEARTECT platform to not only be safe but also to be accessible for customers across various price brackets. This platform already underpins seven cars in the manufacturer’s line-up – WagonR, Swift, Dzire, Ignis, Baleno, Ertiga and the newly launched XL6.

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