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Volkswagen Transporter becomes the longest commercial vehicle in production

– First rolled off Volkswagen production line in March 1950  – Total of 13 million versions of iconic model sold over six generations The iconic Volkswagen Transporter also known as the Kombi or the Microbus has just marked the world’s longest production run with its 70th anniversary. For six generations, globetrotters have travelled the world in it, businesses have relied on it and families have driven it every single day. Revealed as a hand-built panel van prototype in 1949, the T1 eventually launched as a rear-engined panel van, passenger van and eight-seat bus. The engine and gearbox came from the Volkswagen Beetle and it offered a maximum payload of 750kg. This was followed by the T2 which established itself as something of a cultural icon in the ‘flower power’ era.

The T3 took the famous vehicle into the modern era with a wider body offering, more passenger and cargo space and improved safety. A flat engine, available in diesel, was introduced adding to the spaciousness while a new chassis offered car-like handling. The T4 generation marked a technical revolution with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles making the T4 front-engined and front-wheel drive for the first time. With this came a new design, longer front end, new suspension, more varied engine choice and even better handling.

While the T5 was more of an evolution, the T6 got new engines, intelligent driver assistance systems, new infotainment and a front-end redesign. With super cool I.D Buzz unveiled too ,we are sure to the Microbus legacy continue even in the electric generation.

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