Top virtual automotive tours to get you through the coronavirus lockdown
11th Apr 2020 12:34 pm
You don’t need to leave your home to be a globetrotter. We list out some of the best virtual tours from Audi, Mercedes, Honda and more.

Unnatee Gidithuri
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The national COVID-19 lockdown has got all of us pining to explore the great outdoors. While social distancing continues to remain the golden rule, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we can explore some of our favourite destinations from the comfort and safety of our own homes. And yes, for all those automotive enthusiasts out there, we are talking automotive factory and museum tours as well.

Here are some of the best virtual car and bike tours you can find online to help beat your lockdown blues:

McLaren Technology Centre

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Every Formula 1 fan has dreamt of strolling through McLaren’s James Bond-esque headquarters, right? The building’s lobby is bound to make any racing fan’s heart skip a beat with its display of the MP4/4 that powered Ayrton Senna to victory in 1988 (and happens to be one of the most successful F1 cars of all time), Mika Hakkinen’s 1998 title-winning MP4-13, and even the car in which Lewis Hamilton secured his first F1 championship – the MP4-23. The MTC also happens to be quite the feat of modern architecture; so that’s worth checking out as well.

Honda Collection Hall

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The Honda Collection Hall, located right in the heart of the Motegi Twin Ring Circuit in Japan, is home to nearly 300 restored machines. The museum houses everything – from Honda’s first motorised bikes and cars to the Japanese carmaker’s modern-day stars like the Civic. There’s even an entire floor dedicated to Honda’s illustrious two-wheel and four-wheel racing history. Don’t forget to click on the little orange pop ups to see the cars and bikes in action! Head here for the virtual tour.

Museo Lamborghini

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In addition to classics like the Miura, Huracan and Aventador, Lamborghini’s museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese houses a number of gems, including the 40th anniversary Miura concept, the Reventon (1 of only 21 cars produced is on display), and even the Lambo 291 Formula 1 car. Looking for a feast for your eyes? Head here.

Museo Ferrari in Maranello

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We couldn’t compile a list of automotive tours and not have something for the Tifosi. The Museo Ferrari is on every automotive fanatic’s bucket list, and thanks to Google Maps, it’s just a click away. Unlike the more extensive tours listed above, this one’s limited to viewing just one floor at a time. On the first floor you’ll be able to take an close look at some of Ferrari’s iconic racing machines, while the second floor houses the production cars and limited-edition models.

Porsche Museum

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Porsche’s Museum in Stuttgart is a must-visit destination for any car fanatic out there. The location houses over 80 vehicles and a number of small exhibits covering the carmaker’s rich automotive history as well as its racing success in Le Mans, Formula 1, rallying and more. With iconic cars like the 356, 550 Spyder and 911 on display, this virtual tour is going to keep you occupied for a while. Head here to check it out.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

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