While there are still plenty of new cars that offer great value for the money, these 10 models are overpriced beyond all logic and reason.BY EVALDAS ZABITIS4 DAYS AGO

You’ll often hear car experts claiming that new cars are getting too expensive. A few decades ago, one of the most important tasks for car manufacturers was to produce cars that every average family could afford. However, it seems that today, an increasing number of manufacturers are after the wealthier portion of consumers.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why new cars are so expensive lies in the number of features they offer. Cars are no longer just simple modes of transportation designed to get you from point A to point B; modern vehicles are comfortable, quick, and packed with technology designed to make your life easier. And manufacturers like Tesla also offer a more sustainable way of transportation (for a lot more money).

Still, none of that explains the ridiculous price tags these 10 mainstream cars carry, especially considering the affordability of their competition. What’s even more puzzling is the fact that people buy them. So if you’re looking for a great car for your money, stay clear of these 10 overpriced new models.

The new version of the Fiat 500 came out in 2007. It was a revolutionary car and one of the most successful attempts to recapture a retro design and combine it with modern features and safety requirements.

Today, there are other versions too, one of them being the 500L. That’s a 4-door version, which is almost identical to 500 in terms of performance and technical stuff. However, it’s not a very good choice for $22,500.

8Maserati Ghibli – $75,50

It’s sad that Maserati still thinks they produce cars, which are equivalent to Ferrari or Aston Martin. They just made too many mistakes to rise up again. The Quattroporte was terribly unreliable and its interior quality was poor, the ’80s and ’90s Maseratis were very outdated, and now they are offering a $75,000 Ghibli, which looks almost identical to the 2013 model. Maserati made some astonishing sports cars in the past decade, but it’s not the case now.