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Shillong Traffic Police to fine drivers for misusing hazard warning lights
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25th Oct 2020 8:00 am
Shillong Traffic Police to start penalising motoristsunder section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act for improper use of hazard warning lights.


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The traffic police in Shillong, Meghalaya, has issued a warning to motorists for improper use of hazard warning lights, stating that fines will be issued to offending drivers.

Hazard warning lights are being used to indicate going straight at junctions in Shillong
Authorities to fine offending motorists under section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act
Fines to range from Rs 100 to Rs 300
How hazard warning lights are being misused
The traffic police in Shillong has found motorists misusing their hazard warning lights toindicate driving straight ahead at junctions. In an effort to educate drivers, they have posted instructions for the correct use of hazard warning lights on their official social media page.

In order not to confuse motorists, Shillong Traffic Police explicitly stated on the same social media post that indicators don’t need to be used while driving straight ahead at junctions.

How hazard warning lights should be used
The main function of hazard warning lights is, as the name suggests, to warn motorists thatthe indicating vehicle is stationary and is temporarily obstructing traffic. Hazard warning lights may be used if a vehicle is in a dangerous position on the road, such as after an accident or breakdown.

How offending motorists will be penalised
The Shillong Traffic Police has stated that motorists found to be using their vehicle’s signals incorrectly will be fined in accordance with section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

In line with section 177, motorists will be fined Rs 100 for their first offence, with subsequent offences attracting a penalty of Rs 300.

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