Kia My Convenience aftersales initiative launched

Kia has announced the launch of its My Convenience aftersales initiative in India allowing Kia owners to personalise their servicing packages as per their requirements. The carmaker has also rolled out an ‘Advanced Pick and Drop’ service which it claims makes the company the first in India to offer a completely paperless and contactless aftersales process.

Pre-paid maintenance packages of up to 5 year/50,000km available
My Convenience packages available on all Kia cars not exceeding 1 year/10,000km
‘Advanced Pick and Drop’ offers owners live tracking of vehicles
Kia My Convenience
Starting with the My Convenience initiative, Kia is offering customers the ability to customise their car care under two heads – Pre-paid maintenance packages and care packages.

Under the Pre-paid Maintenance packages, owners can opt for four prepaid packages – 2 years/20,000km, 3 years/30,000km, 4 years/40,000km and 5 years/50,000km. The car maker says that the maintenance packages cover Kia Genuine Parts and Oils & Labour services as per the company’s recommended periodic maintenance schedule. The carmaker also says that those opting for the service package will also be protected from price inflation. Buyers also get a complementary wheel alignment, rotation, balancing once every 10,000km and complementary wheel polishing once during the package.

Moving to the Care packages, owners have a choice of four packages with each offering different car care elements. Buyers can opt for a Preventive Care package, that offers underbody treatment for rust prevention and rodent repellent, a Fresh Care package that involves interior and exterior enrichment, AC Care (evaporate cleaning and AC disinfection) or Hygiene Care (fumigation and Carbon air filter). The carmaker says, owners will be offered a 10 percent discount on additional car care services if availed during the coverage period.

The packages are available to new and existing owners subject to the cars being under 1 year old and not having covered 10,000km.

Kia Advanced Pick and Drop
Under its Advanced Pick and Drop, Kia says it will offer a contactless and paperless vehicle pick-up and drop services. The company says, owners opting for the service will receive details and documents of the driver over digital mediums prior to the pick-up. Owners can furthermore track their cars live on their phones and will receive SMS updates at various stages of the service. The service will be available on the Kia Link app.

The carmaker also says that its drivers will use protective seat covers at the time of pick-up and drop off of vehicles along with a protection kit.