Driver Slams Brand New Car Into Showroom Wall. Video Is Viral

A driver slammed his Kia Carnival right into the dealership wall.19

There are car accidents, and then there are totally avoidable, seriously unfortunate car accidents. Comedian and actor Sunil Grover shared an example of an accident that falls into the latter category on Instagram this Sunday. The Bharat actor shared a clip which shows a driver ramming his brand new Kia Carnival minivan into a showroom wall minutes after delivery. 

The video is not a new one. It went viral on social media in June this year after it was uploaded on YouTube.

In the original clip, a dealership employee can be seen explaining something to the driver. The car, with a couple of people sitting inside, then starts moving. However, the driver immediately appears to lose control of the vehicle, ramming it straight into a wall. 

In fact, the car hits the wall a couple of times more as the driver tries to reverse, leading some to speculate that he did not know how to control automatic cars.

“New car, directly from showroom to service station,” wrote Sunil Grover while sharing the video.