The fifth-gen Honda City was launched a year ago and featured car connected tech such as Honda Connect with Alexa Remote Operation. Now, Honda India has updated the car connected tech with a new voice-based Google Assistant, dubbed Honda Action.

The ‘Honda Action on Google’ is an update that can be accessed via the ‘Ok Google’ command and then followed by the preset commands that execute functions like finding car location, lock/unlock doors, turn on/off AC, check the fuel level, service history and records, and tyre status. These features can be used with the text-based command functionality of Google as well. The Honda Action on Google is compatible with Google Assistant-enabled devices such as Google Nest Speakers, Android and iOS-based smartphones.

new honda city interior

The Honda Connect software has been updated as well. With the addition of four new functionalities, the Honda Connect now offers a total of 36 features. The new list of features includes Valet Alert, Fuel Log Analysis, Cost of Maintenance Analysis and Enhanced options for Service Products.

Rajesh Goel, SVP & Director, Sales and Marketing, Honda Cars India said, “As we celebrate the anniversary milestone of our successful 5th Gen Honda City, we are delighted to introduce a voice-based Google Assistant interface with our Honda Connect platform, which will offer convenience to stay connected with your car while performing daily routine activities.”