Car Rentals – Do’s and Don’ts: The CarWale Podcast

When Bilal found himself in the dilemma of reaching Pune with no car at his disposal, Sonam had an idea. They both got hold of Venkat Desirazu, our resident PJ-cracking, rules-abiding, Mysore Pak-supplying head of CarWale News Desk, to help out with all our queries regarding Car Rentals.

Car Rentals: Do’s and Don’ts | Episode 19 | The CarWale Podcast

In the 19th Episode of the CarWale Podcast, Venkat has comprehensively talked about everything there is to know about renting cars in India. While sharing his own experience, the discussion also includes a step-by-step guide to renting cars. What’s more, there are some unwritten rules of car renting that most people are unaware of which have been highlighted in the podcast. Also, being a proud father of a fur-baby, Venkat has also pointed out all about the pet-friendliness of India’s car rental services.

For the uninitiated, renting cars in India is not the same as car subscription schemes that have found a new trend of late. Also, can you rent a supercar in India? Head on to the CarWale Podcast for all there is to know about renting cars in India.